Ragtime was a fun play to costume, it was set in 1907 and it was a musical melodrama. We had a whole cast of colorful characters. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get excellent pictures of all of them, but at least I got pictures of some!

This is Michelle, she played the mother of the Evil Plotting Twins. She herself was a kind, thoughtful lady. I was very pleased with the way her costumes came out. I used Truly Victorian patterns for the light blue costume, and for the dark blue skirt and jacket. I had Abi make the white blouse from a Wearing History pattern. The sweep of this circular skirt is spectacular, and I love the jacket so much, I need to make one for myself!

Next up is Erin, she played one of the Evil Plotting Twins.

I used Truly Victorian patterns for her Skirt and Jacket (which Abi made), and the same Wearing History blouse, but this time out of black lace with a low lining (which Abi also made). Erin is a very natural blonde, so they put this black wig on her an darkened her eyebrows quite a bit. We had a bit of a challenge with this costume, because it was planned before we learned that she was expecting. Thankfully I hadn’t started it yet! Instead of the normal hook and eye closure in the back, I decided to put a lacing placket, so that we could adjust as we went on. Her petticoat had the same lacing placket, and was made from the same pattern. She is still wearing a corset, but we were very careful with it every week to not overly tighten it. It had a shorter busk, and some lacing in the front, over the tummy, so we could adjust it in more places for comfort.

Evil Plotting Twin Number 2 was played by Adam. Unfortunately I don’t have any great stand alone pictures of Adam as Evil Plotting Twin number 2, but I do have these, in which he was the fellow they named the town after (he gets eaten by a bear!). A bit of a pompous dandy. After which he becomes Evil Plotting Twin Number 2,  dressed all in black with a wonderful caped cloak.


Adam is on the left, sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, I’m still getting the hang of our new camera!


We also had the stars of the show, Eric aka the Drifting Thief and Lockton aka the Redeemable Sidekick. Geoff played a the lovable By the Book Cop, who happens to love baseball, and they are playing an impromptu game in the pictures below. I was able to find these really cool newly made vintage style baseball hats for this scene.



Carissa played Adeline, the Sweet Country Girl Who Falls for the Redeemable Sidekick (I did say this was a melodrama, right?)

We had a Barbershop Quartet, and they sounded lovely. Manned by The Rickety Old Cop, The Redeemable Sidekick, Evil Plotting Twin Number 1 and Owner of the Pub. We have a pretty flexible cast!

This was a very enjoyable show, and I hope we see it’s return in a few years time!