My name is Mary Johns, and I run the costume department at Riley’s Farm, in Oak Glen, California. My baby sister, Abi, works in the department with me. Sometimes this is really amazing, sometimes we remember we are sisters. 🙂

Riley’s Farm consists of several things. We do living history tours, mostly for K-8th, but high schoolers and families come occasionally. We offer tours on the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, the Ca. Gold Rush, and 1880’s farm life. We also have an 18th Century Tavern, serving delicious food, two retail locations, and a dinner theater. Needless to say, we keep quite busy!

We also have a small filming division, which doesn’t run all the time, but when it does we drop everything else and focus on that. We have made the first season of our series Courage, New Hampshire, which you can find at Colonybay.tv. We have also made an episode of Life of Riley, which is a scripted reality show, about life on our farm. I can see several segments happening in the costume room. It can be pretty intense in there! As well as pretty funny, watching people put on period costumes for the first time.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog, and feel free to comment. I love questions, and am happy to share any knowledge I may have!


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    1. No, they would still be done before lining, as far as I know. Most frock coats didn’t have working buttonholes, or only the top few, since they were kind of that cut away style and wouldn’t meet much past the top few. Sleeved waistcoats could be worn in their stead, and would button all the way. The neat thing about doing buttonholes before the lining is put in, is most coats wear out in the lining first, and it makes it much easier to reline if the buttonholes aren’t worked through the lining (functional or not).

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