Masquerade Prep part 2

So….we got the gown made! 

And considering how quickly we had to get it done, I’m very pleased! I think our guest was too! 

I definitely need to adjust the shoulders and the sleeves, but it was workable and comfortable for the evening and everyone was able to enjoy themselves!


Gown prep for Masquerade

I was reviewing my size sheets for this week, and realized I hadn’t noticed a particular size. A size we don’t currently have in stock. A size which I have never made before. So….here is a new challenge! 

The first thing I did was email her for more measurements, because we were doing a custom gown and set of jumps for her. She was very quick to respond (yay!), so I was able to make the pattern yesterday.

I started by padding out one of my dress forms to suit her measurments as closely as possible. 

Using hip pads and rumps didn’t work so well though….just super lumpy….I don’t have any batting in the shop right now (now on the list!!!), so I used some foam and some quilted lengths of fabric that had batting in them. 

This worked much better! I tied the twill tape where her measurments indicated the waist line was. 

I loosely used Larkin and Smith’s pattern shapes for this gown, we wanted to use a stomacher for more flexibility. Their pattern didn’t go up to this size, so I fudged ( a lot!).  This is the first try.

And here is the second and final draft of this pattern. I really hope I set the sleeve right! We’ll see tomorrow night, when it gets worn!


Well, I was doing pretty well there for a while, but Fair Prep and Masquerade hit me like a hurricane and I was finishing a coat commission (FINALLY finished it TODAY!!) and I’m helping my husband open a gym…and I kind of forgot to post! I haven’t even been good about taking pictures. Oh well… Here is what I have for the last couple weeks. Oh, and we threw a birthday party for my son! 


Here is me getting ready for fair on Tuesday. I needed to powder my hair some more before I did it, and my hair powder was at work….so I used my handkerchief to cover the mess while I was getting ready. I should wear my hair like that more often though, I forgot how cute it is!

Here are a couple of the lovely ladies working the costume tent with me. Funny thing is, we aren’t really sewing much! In this corner we have Miss Johnson doing 18th century hair or just powdering (using the awesome stuff Alicia makes over at Little Bits on Esty…including the really fun blue and pink hair powders!). Miss Darling is assisting with the cosmetics and the mouches.

Mrs. Trefrey is helping someone ‘buckle a shoe’ and is standing next to our textile display and fashion plates.

We were also block printing fans with wood block prints and making sweet bags.

This is at the end of the day…we made it! 

Now…after fair on Tuesday….we started pulling all the costumes needed for Masquerade. We started out with stuff EVERYWHERE! The only thing I got through on Monday before fair was all the laundry from the previous Masquerade, and getting all the bags labeled for this Masquerade.

Yup…it was a disaster!

All the gowns and jackets pulled out….And Yes….we do put everyone in stays!

We have a record breaking number of people to costume tomorrow night, so hopefully I’ll have time to get more fair pictures and some of Masquerade to post next week!