Nelly finally gets a new gown!

My apprentice Blossom made a new ensemble for our retail manager last week. She has been waiting so patiently! We have fair opening on Saturday(!), so we were happy to get it done in time!


Redcoat renewed?

Our redcoats are used 5 days a week all through the school year, and understandably get quite faded. They get retired before they are worn out due to the color change…they’re more like pinkish redcoats by the time we replace them. 

Our Sgt. sashes also get quite faded, but the fringe more then the rest, as it’s exposed quite a bit more. Lockton said that someone told him to use fabric spray paint on it to renew the color ( I had never heard of fabric spray paint, but it’s a thing!). 

Worked pretty well! So…I decided to try it on a recently retired redcoat that was in good shape except for the fading. We taped them all up to cover the lacing and buttons (and we’ll be more particular if we do it again!), and I went to town with the spray paint. 

You can see how bad the fading is from the opened up cuffs and lapels where its not faded at all.

Here’s how it looks half done….looking good!

Looks so much better! It does change the feel of the wool a little bit and it’s almost a bit tacky. It’s not uncomfortable to wear (although I dont know how it will breath yet). It may have come out this way due to my impatience, and if I try it again (likely) I’ll follow the directions more closely (do one light coat, let it dry, repeat!), and I think the results will be much better. But all in all, $15 to renew a $600 coat for a couple more seasons is totally worth it (just don’t touch the stiff coat!)!

Roses are red…

This year at fair we are making sweet bags, or as you probably know them, sachets. 

We are going to be using ingredients from period recipes to allow guests to fill their own little bags.  

One of the ingredients mentioned often was rose petals. We have so many roses in front of the tavern we decided to dry our own, rather than purchase them. 

We ended up filling 10 trays with rose petals! It smelled so good! 

Even the aftermath was pretty! 

 We decided baking would be the fastest easiest way to dry them out. 

 Fun thing I forgot about convection ovens is that they blow lots of air….so we ended up covering the trays with more trays (after we shut the doors the first time we lost a few….oops!). They took longer then they should have since they were covered, but we got there in the end!

 They turned from this beautiful bright red to this lovely burgundy when they were done! 

 We ended up with about a quarter of a bag full, and started with about a full bag fresh. I don’t know if they will last the whole run of fair, but I think we have a good start (and if not, I know where to get more roses!)!

The Redcoats are Coming!

I’ve been working on redcoats the last couple months (in between everything else!), and they are coming along nicely. I have one complete and one that is only lacking the lace on the tails. I’m very excited to bring the number of completed coats up to two tomorrow!