Time to blog!!!

It’s been a while, and a lot of things have been made. So. Many. Things. Makes my head spin!!! But we are coming up on Colonial Faire and Masquerade again, and will hopefully have some exciting new things to share! We are currently making new redcoats, and trying so hard to keep up on all of our clothing requirements and requests for and from staff. Whew!! So much going on!! Meanwhile, at my house, I’m sick, I have 12 chicks to take care of (and make a coop for….quickly out growing their brooder!), a sick kid, a healthy kid, two little dogs and a cat, a hubby who goes to bed early (and gets up early), food to prep for lunches, and jewelry to make for my side business and a frockcoat commission, and a stays workshop to prepare…and laundry, and dishes….oh boy!! Can we say overwhelmed? Haha! So hopefully….you will see all of this come to fruition soon!