Sherlock Holmes 2015


This character was played by Carissa Burns. The character was a young woman, applying for help to Sherlock Holmes, to find her fiancee. Her parents did not approve!

WIN_20150307_162603 WIN_20150307_162610 WIN_20150307_162616

Abi made this dress, it was created out of cotton. It is two pieces, plus the belt. The hat is a boater we used in last years Prohibition, and will be using in this years Prohibition as well. I have also used it with my Gibson Girl Golf outfit. We have gotten a lot of use out of this hat!

WIN_20150307_162652 WIN_20150307_162656 WIN_20150307_162703

The cape was used at the beginning, and taken off when she got to 221B Baker St. It is velvet, and was originally made for Dickens Christmas Carol, many years ago.

WIN_20150307_162706 WIN_20150307_162725 WIN_20150307_162732

Nelly did a wonderful job on the hair for this production. It really tied the characters together with the costumes, and made them complete.

WIN_20150307_162024 WIN_20150307_162019

Erin Drazin played Tilly Bristol, the spitfire young women who was bent on making Sherlock pay for sending her brother to prison.

WIN_20150307_162014 WIN_20150307_162008

This outfit consists of three pieces. The blouse, the skirt (attached to a under bodice) and the jacket. It is a tennis outfit, I drafted it out of a book (Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns: A Complete Lady’s Wardrobe). It was meant to be a bit looser, so you could actually play tennis in it, but the waist was ridiculously large, and we added some darts to the back of the blouse. The blouse was made of linen, and the rest of the suit was silk. Maybe not the best choice for a sports suit, but we had to stick with what was in our stash. I made the hat out of velvet, with the really crazy organza bows, but her hair kind of blended with the bows and tamed the whole thing down.

WIN_20150307_171339 WIN_20150307_171344 WIN_20150307_171349

Lizzy Riley played the mother, Imogene Scott. And she was right to distrust the fiancee, as he ended up being the murderer! This outfit is a walking gown, it’s made of silver figured silk, and plum (I’m not sure what, but I know it’s not) silk. I was mostly pleased with this outfit. The vest is part of the jacket, so the whole thing is only two pieces. I did not like the gaping in the front with the hooks and eyes, and the skirt needed a touch more fullness in the front to hang properly. I modified the sleeves, as the actress hates the huge leg o mutton (which were included with this pattern). This one has a nice puff without being so ginormous!

WIN_20150307_171355 WIN_20150307_171400

The hat is made of buckram and wire, and covered in silk. I wasn’t going to add flowers to the back, but the little riser to make the hat tip forward needed something!


Inspector Lestrade, inspecting one of our Revolutionary War guys that came up to check out the play.WIN_20150307_171534We didn’t get to many pictures of the gentlemen, because we didn’t spend nearly as much time on their outfits. We mostly just put things together out of what we had, and ordered a few things like coats and hats online. The ladies stuff had to be fitted, and we make nearly all our ladies clothing in house. Next time, we are hoping to take character pictures of everybody!



Katrina Van Tassel for Sleepy Hollow 2015 (and new dress forms! Eek!).


We have been busy getting ready for our first Colonial Faire here at Riley’s Farm. We are hoping to make this an annual event. We are holding the faire every Saturday in July. Abi and I are running the fashion and costume tent (which means we needed outfits too! More on that later.). We have been very excited, and planning like crazy. One of the things we wanted to do was display some costumes (of course!), so we needed some new dress forms. These may not be colonial, but they look nice and will do the job. Plus they will be amazing in the workshop after the faire!

WIN_20150624_085121 WIN_20150624_085126 WIN_20150624_085134

We have decided as one of the things we will be doing in our tent is working on Katrina Van Tassels new costume, for this years Sleepy Hollow play in October. We are planning on having the base dress done, and having people help with the trim. Everyone who helps will get a coupon for a free slice of pie. 🙂

WIN_20150624_085258 WIN_20150624_085305 WIN_20150624_085317

Erin (Katrina) needed new under-pinnings as well. So of course I started with stays, and then made the pocket hoops. The pocket hoops are a very scaled down version, as Erin is quite petite. I didn’t want them to overwhelm her frame. We are making a sack back gown for her this year, in a delicious pink and white striped floral cotton.

WIN_20150624_085817 WIN_20150624_085830 WIN_20150624_085844

Next was a nice full petticoat out of a cute cotton, white with green polka dots. I even found polka dot ribbon for the waist ties! I know its nerdy, but I love how all the underwear matches, even if the ribbons aren’t quite accurate. Or the plaid pocket hoops….or maybe the polka dots….but since they are underpinnings, no one will know! Except for you and Katrina anyway. 😉

WIN_20150624_095420 WIN_20150624_095432

I end with a tribute to poor Margarita the dress form. This is why we needed new ones! I felt really awful throwing her in the dumpster. I kind of felt like we should bury her. She has served us well, and I am looking forward to new forms that don’t fall over if you breath on them!

I have wanted a male dress form for ages, and we have named him Jack (Daniels). We haven’t named our new female yet, but will come up with something snazzy!