Prohibition Play, Part 2

 Part 2….the gents! We had coppers and gangsters and detectives…so we went shopping! The coppers we simply ordered some Civil War sack coats and matching pants, as we can re-use them on tour. They are very similar to pictures of the time. They fit a bit looser, but since they were for a play and we can re-use them, they were a win-win for us.



The gentleman in the center (Nick Riley) played an undercover detective.



Here we have Smiling Jimmy Fabrini in the center, with his dirty work helper on the right. These two, as you can tell, are gangsters. Pictured on the left is Jimmy’s girl, Linda. Jimmy’s suit got ordered online, he’s a tall fellow, and we couldn’t find what we wanted in stores. He got some awesome pinstripes!


Writer, director and player in the play! Eric Drazin played a Detective.


This fellow (Jon Harmon) played the dirty cop. I love this summer look on him. The boater is awesome!


Jordan Crother played Jimmy Fabrini’s side kick.

images (1)

The plain clothes detective with the uniformed detective.


The shoot out at the end.


Smiling Jimmy trying to make his escape!


The dirty cop talking things over with Jimmy’s guy.


After the first raid, before they actually have anything on these guys.



Looking casual, conducting business.

We ordered the badges from a party store (hey, the price was right!) and the hats from We bought most of the suits and shirts from Burlington Coat Factory, but did have some luck a local vintage store (Red Door Vintage) with some really awesome pants and sports coats, probably from the 70’s. All in all, I am really pleased with the way the costuming for this play came out. It was a great learning experience, and next time something from an unfamiliar era comes up, I will be a little bit more open and less stressed about getting everything ‘just right’ and ‘accurate’.

All photos by Mallory Drazin. Used with permission.



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