1920’s Misc.

 My little darling, Elizabeth, does not like to hold still for pictures sometimes. Getting a good picture of her in this dress was not happening! We went to the Prohibition Play, and while we all intended to dress up, I only got a dress done for her. It was inspired by some catalog images, and it should have had a little slip underneath it. Luckily, she is only 4, so she can get away with it!





I should have allowed a little more space at the bottom. Making it a bit of an A shape, rather then just rectangles. The ties on the sides are cute, but they didn’t work quite right without the touch of extra fullness. 


We had store girl that needed a dress for one of the evenings, and at the last minute got switched to another shift. But her dress was already done, so here it is. 





This did have a slip a to go underneath it!

The girls also needed some aprons for the clearing tables part of the evening. We didn’t want them mucking up their dresses. I ended up making two. One was for the apartment cleaning lady, and one was just an extra. I didn’t get a picture of the one for the play, but here is the extra. 







 I was supposed to cut the skirt on a fold, but whoops! So I just decorated the seam, and I think it looks fine. IMG_1765


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