Irene Adler, Part 1

The year is 1888. The setting is a train. The characters include Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson and Irene Adler. We started the dress on Monday and the photo shoot is Friday. But so far so good!


I forgot to take a photo of the sketch I am actually working from, but these are some ideas from traveling dresses of the time. The book is what I was using to see how the bodice front was constructed. I ended up deviating from my plan for the front closures, but we’ll get to that!

It took me awhile to sort through the bins to find enough fabric, and the stuff on the left is what I pulled out of the stash. We had a request from the director to use the teal, but it isn’t really conducive to a traveling gown, and there wasn’t enough. But…it makes great trim!!

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

Here is the underskirt…Abi made it. It is a little plain here…

IMG_0219 IMG_0226

Then she makes trim….


And she applies it….

IMG_0237 IMG_0239

There is some black we put on too, but I didn’t take a picture of that yet.

Here is the bodice coming along…


I had intended for the black piece to be seperate, and button on both sides. It was going to be really hard to put on, so I attached it on one side. There will be skirt hooks and eyes on the other side. It will still have buttons on both sides.

Here it is with some trim on the bottom…

IMG_0235 IMG_0236

I don’t like the way the teal came out:( After the photo shoot it is coming off and getting replaced with teal pleated trim (before the photo shoot if there is time!!).

Stay posted, it has to be finished by Friday! And there’s a hat!


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