November 9th, 2013

IMG_2857 IMG_2858

Sometimes I have things to post, and I’m not quite sure if they deserve their own post, or if I just throw it up there with the date instead of a title like ‘Baltus, Katrina, Mallory and Civil War girls’. Anyway, here is a post that would use that heading;)

IMG_2859 IMG_2860

Katrina and Baltus in all their glory! Abi still needs to do a post on Baltus’s outfit, but we’ll see if she gets around to it;) Katrina was played by Erin Keeney, and Baltus (her father) was played Brandon Kimbler (who is actually 2 years younger). The Baltus costume is going to double as Fezziwig’s costume for our next play, Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Brandon is also playing Fezziwig, so we were happy to kill two birds with one stone!


Here is Mallory Drazin in her gestational stays. I wanted a picture of them on her, because the one on our dressform just doesn’t do them justice for the way they are supposed to work. I tried stuffing them for a picture and it looked horrible. Here is Mallory in her whole costume too. She said the stays really do help support the belly. The first night the stays weren’t ready yet, and she said two petticoats were too heavy. After she had the stays she said that both petticoats are fine, and she can go the whole time without being nearly so tired. So Hooray! Success;)

IMG_2864 IMG_2866

Here are Erin and Hannah at the beginning of a Civil War tour. We have several more girls that need to be outfitted, but these two I feel are off too a good start. Hannah is in a new gown that Abi made, I love the red! Erin is in a fairly old gown, that I made for Krystle, probably 6 or 7 years ago. We still need to add things like collars and cuffs to the girls wardrobes, but at least their dresses are in the right era!


I am working on and 18th century frock coat right now, for my boss, Jim Riley. I decided it was time to figure out how they were actually put together in the day, so I pulled out my books and my hand sewing stuff and started stitching away, with all the correct layers and stitches and padding. I will post a tutorial for the coat as soon as I am done with it.


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