Gestational Stays

By Mary Johns  IMG_2834

These stays have been hanging around in the project bin, almost finished, for….4 years. I started for Krystle when she was pregnant with her oldest (who is 4) and they didn’t get done in time, then I thought I would finish them when I was pregnant with my 2nd (who is 3 1/2), and still they sat. Then I thought I would finish them for Mallory, whose daughter is now 2 1/2. Now Mallory is pregnant with baby number 2, so it was time for them to get done! Krystle is a little tiny thing, so these were a touch small for Mallory (and everyone, once I thought about it), but I decided it was time for them to be finished. They are from Past Patterns #705.

IMG_2836 IMG_2837IMG_2838.IMG_2835

I have read reviews that said they were so comfortable and supportive of the heavy belly that they wanted to wear them all the time, so I decided to make Mallory’s new ones cute enough to wear on the outside if she wanted to! Here is the inside…

IMG_2843 - Copy IMG_2842 - Copy

I changed the construction slightly for this pair, so there wouldn’t be so many rows of stitching showing. I set the gussets into the front side only, then stitched the lining down to the gussets by hand. The first pair I sandwiched the gussets in between the layers and then stitched, but I didn’t catch it all the first time, and had to add extra stitching. I was a good girl and stitched the binding on by hand on the inside. The outside is stitched by machine, but doing the inside by hand makes it look cleaner.

IMG_2844 IMG_2847 - Copy

The have gussets for the bust and the hips, then they lace to allow adjustment for the growing belly.

IMG_2846 - Copy IMG_2848

They bust gussets open so that they can also be used for nursing. The strap was supposed to have its own button, but the nursing gusset button was in the same spot, so I just doubled up the use of that button!

IMG_2853 IMG_2851 IMG_2849

Mallory has been doing seating for the Sleepy Hollow dinners which means running around for 2 hours in costume, so I was really pleased to get these done at least in time for her to wear them for the last weekend of dinners. We already made her some petticoats balanced for the belly, and after the baby she can turn them around and wear them with a rump;) I will try and get picture of Mallory tomorrow in the stays and the whole outfit.


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