By Mary JohnsIMG_2760

Danielle has worked for Riley’s for quite a while now, and she has never had a truly well put together outfit. She is in a management position, and needed a nice 1880’s outfit. We had her come in and pick out her fabric and her design. The corset, bustle and bustle petticoat featured in an earlier post were all for Danielle, and are worn under this outfit. She still needs proper underwear (I’m thinking combinations;), but at least she has all the proper foundation pieces.



I think we may need to poof up her bustle just a little bit, so it sticks out a bit more, but I can adjust the ties and that should do it (I hope!).


The outfit consists of the vested bodice, the skirt and the apron overskirt. Both the fabrics are the same, save for the color. They have a very subtle embroidery all over them. The buttons are mother of pearl, but a nice solid shank button, not a flat button with holes. The bodice is flat lined and bag lined, both linings are sturdy cotton. The skirt is flat lined with sturdy cotton also. The overskirt is not lined at all. The overskirt has casing for drawstrings, and also has tie strings, to adjust the poof and boof.

This outfit was a joy to make for Danielle, who works very hard, and deserved some clothes that make her feel great!


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