By Mary Johns     IMG_2772

Anne is our local gossip, who haunts the Hawks Head Tavern on Saturdays. We have been working on her outfit a little bit each week for the last 6 weeks or so. She started out in a white figured gown, but it didn’t fit her quite right. I finally did a fitting on her, and made the gown. Then we added a new petticoat, and a new handkerchief, and a new apron…we are still working on decorating the gown, but it is almost done. I have added the cuffs since these pictures were taken, and we are adding one single white flounce to each sleeve. The fabric is from , and I think its supposed to be pansies, but Anne liked it better upside down, because it looked like bees that way! Here is the gown under construction…the bodice was completed and hemmed all around before the skirts were added on. I stitched them on from the outside. It’s lined with a brown and black cross-barred cotton, left over from a Civil war dress.




I always forget to check for the graffiti on the table before I take pictures! This table has been in the sewing room for about 10 years now, and it was handed down to us from someone else that used it for quite some time, so we look at the marks we or others have made on it as battle scars.



I don’t have a very good camera, and I’m not super at photography (working on improving though;), so I apologize for the pictures, but we were excited that we finally got her outfit mostly done while she still has several weeks to wear it, and we didn’t want to wait until someone more gifted with a camera was around to take pictures.


I think she’s happy with it!


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