Velvet Corselet

I have been wanting to make a new accessory for my 1898 outfit, and while I desperately need a new blouse, I really wanted a corselet. This one is from Truly Victorian, pattern TV492.  I have a dark green walking skirt with a white blouse (I also have a matching green Eton jacket, but it hasn’t been cold enough to wear yet). This corselet really finishes the outfit, and it looks better without the jacket now!

Here is the corselet flat:



It is burgundy velvet, with a double lining of matching cotton broadcloth. It has spiral steel boning in every seam and 12 grommets in the back to lace it up. I think I should have been more careful when I was cutting it out, because the velvet seemed a little bit shorter on one end when it was time to stitch it to the lining. Oh well, live and learn!

Here it is on me! I’m sorry these photos were taken in my kitchen, but I just came home from work, and I forgot to take pictures while I was there! So this is how it looks after a long day, and after I spilled cider down my front while I was helping at the sample table.




I am wearing my combinations, corset, corset cover and 1 petticoat underneath. I think I need to make another petticoat however. I like the one I have, but the skirt is thick wool lined with linen, and it needs a little more support. My blouse I love, but it is 1910, and everything else is 1898. I also forgot to add length to the waist and the sleeves are wayyyy to tight. I can barely wiggle into it! But that is for another post! And fortunately, the corselet covers up the sins of the blouse waist being above the skirt, and the skirt waist dipping in the front instead of the back! I just love a good accessory!


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