Katrina is done!!

The Katrina dress has been waiting patiently for me to finish it. There was a spot on the neck that kept twisting and showed the bright pink polished cotton lining, so that had to be stitched together, and then the tucker was tacked in place a little higher to prevent the pink from showing.


The last thing to do was to decorate it! The stomacher opens in the front and attached at the sides, so I had to disguise the center fastening and make it look like a true stomacher. The trim is a 2 inch strip of fabric that is ruched with a tiny pearl and lace trim laid down the center. I know the pearls and lace are not strictly accurate, but they give the required look and they were in my stash! I put one strip around the neck and down the fronts. Another went across the top of the stomacher, but it was only stitched on the right side, the left side snaps, allowing it to open but look like it doesn’t. The center strip is laid down on the right side as well, and disguises the hooks and eyes.


Here is the finished dress! I was trying to make the trim on the stomacher serpentine, but the trim was just wide enough and not cut on the bias to make it more squiggly then serpentine! Oh well!





Over all I am very happy with how this dress turned out!

Here is a teaser of Baltus…Katrina’s father! Abi is making his outfit, and is quite protective of it and won’t let me take pictures! So expect a post from her soon!



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