So little time…

The last couple of weeks have passed in a bit of a blur. My sister got married (not the one that works in the shop with me, but our middle sister). We’ve been continuing to move. And up at the farm we’ve been getting ready for the fall apple picking season, which brings the 8 busiest Saturdays we get all year. We have been re-vamping the tavern servers costumes a little bit, and making caps, and all the miscellaneous stuff that happens to keep the farm in costume! This first bit is a pair of breeches for one of our faithful musicians in the tavern. His last pair had lasted about 15 years, but they were getting quite ragged, and his poor wife couldn’t mend them anymore! She wanted an exact copy of his previous breeches, which still fit quite well, despite the years passed. After a bit of finagling and measuring and tracing, I got a pattern that I felt was quite similar to the original. Here is the copy:

IMG_2659 IMG_2662

Here is the original:

IMG_2663 IMG_2664

He was happy with them which means I am happy with them!

I had a lady I was costuming fit into a gown that I had made my mother many years ago (before I knew what I know now!). I was excited that I found someone to wear it (my mother had given it back when she moved, because she had yet to find a reason to wear it!), but the petticoat was a sad affair. I love the material, but I put it on a drawstring, which I have since learned is a bad idea! I took out the casing, mended the button hole and the few rips I put in it taking it out, and put it on a waistband. Ta Da! A nice new petticoat that will now lie nice and smooth for her, and not add extra bulk at the waist.


Here is a picture of our workshop, which is full of bags for our tavern girls clothing, and our parking lot and orchard patrol shirts. All of the Saturday only employees leave their costumes on site, as it makes it easier to get them back at the end of the season. So….for the next two months we get to trip over everyone’s bags of goodies! We will someday find a solution, but for now, we just work around it.


Later this week I will post some more pictures of what we have been working on, including some caps, and all of the bedjackets that we made for the tavern servers. We have one male server this year, and his waistcoat and work cap match the ladies bedjackets, which we love (but I don’t think he does;)! On the agenda for this week: at least two 1880’s dresses and 2 corsets. For me anyway…I haven’t yet decided what Abi’s projects will be, but she is very faithful about working on the projects listed on the board, and she is getting close to knocking out our goal of 30 new caps for this season!


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