The best laid plans…

By Mary Johns

Today I was working on a 1880’s vest for a project for Calico Ghost Town. I was making good progress, when who should show up at the workshop?

IMG_2613 IMG_2615

My little family! My husband brought the kids up so we could have lunch in the tavern. Then he had to go to work, so he left the little one with me (our 6 year old can go with him to work). She promptly decided to make a wedding dress out of leftover yellow fabric that auntie made curtains from yesterday. Here she is, hard at work!

IMG_2616 IMG_2619

I managed to get the vest mostly finished while she was busy, then I couldn’t help but help her with her dress!


I talked her out of the yellow fabric (not always easy to do with a 3 year old), and used some random stuff someone donated to us, that I can’t really use for period garments. This is fun, embroidered, scalloped off white fabric, but perfect for a little girls dress up wedding dress. It’s washable, it’s pretty, and it’s sturdy!

IMG_2635 IMG_2636

I made it in two pieces. For the bodice I flipped the fabric upside down, so the scallops are at the top, I hemmed the bottom, then put a casing about 2 inches down from the top and strung elastic through.


For the skirt I put a facing in the top and used it as a casing for elastic. I decided to do two pieces so she can use them for other things when she’s tired of her ‘wedding dress’!


2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. her wedding gown is alot fancier than the one i made for anna and abi! theirs was basically a pillowcase shape with a little elastic top and middle! think i need to look up the pictures ….

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