Don’t Judge Me!

By Mary Johns

So….I have need of about 15-20 new pairs of jumps/stays by the fall season, which starts in earnest in less then a month. We need to have something for all our tavern waitresses. Their current ‘uniform’ consists of a bedjacket, petticoat, apron, cap and waitress pocket. We are upping the authenticity this year with jumps/stays and another petticoat. Last year we just did not have enough in stock to accurately clothe them.  This year the goal is to have enough ready that no one goes without the proper stuff. Now, before you start in on the lack of shift (if you noticed that;), let me say that we really don’t have enough of those, nor the time to make them. We chose bedjackets because they are the least bad looking without jumps/stays, and it doesn’t really show much if you don’t have on a shift or handkerchief (it gets really hot in there, so the less they can wear, the better). Our everyday waitresses are clothed correctly, but in the fall apple season our tavern is stuffed to the brim, and we add on about 10-12 waitress that are Saturday only. We have about 8 super busy Saturdays, and the entire farm is a fun hustle bustle with over 100 employees on staff. So…as you can imagine, the fall Saturday waitresses have been neglected. Well, no longer! There are 4 pairs of jumps that have been bound on the bottom and some of them are now boned. Here comes the reason for the title…I used the machine to do the binding. And now you understand why…the deadline is looming, and I need these quick!


The binding is quick and dirty, and ugly! I feel kind of guilty for doing it on the machine, but it had to be done. On the next ones I will sew them right sides together,  flip them, theeeen put the boning channels in! It goes much quicker then binding, and I have seen period stays without binding, that look like that.


The inside of the binding looks even worse! I guess no one will see it….unless you read this post;). Abi (the other half of the wardrobe department) has been busy working on more bedjackets for the waitresses, and has already made 30 waitress pockets. When I’m done with the jumps/stays, it will be on to caps, we are sorely under-stocked on those, and I will be making some from my own patterns (that aren’t quite made yet!). After we are done with this project it will be back to the Van Tassels, and getting them ready for the play in October!




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