Katrina Van Tassel


Photo by Mallory Drazin

By Mary Johns


We have an annual play here at Riley’s Farm, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The main character is 18 year old Katrina Van Tassel, who has the admiration of all the lads in Sleepy Hollow. In particular Ichabod Crane and Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt.

She is pleasing plump, rosy as a flower and wears provokingly short petticoats. She wears a mixture of old and new, as suits her fancy, and her great great grandmothers gold jewelry. She favors stomachers and  is a bit of flirt.

This year we have a new Katrina, so a new costume is in order! Katrina is played by the lovely Erin Keeney, who we were able to do fittings on (often we get a set of measurements and just have to go from there). The caraco and petticoat are wearable, but only the petticoat is truly finished. The caraco still has some trimming left to add on, especially in the stomacher area.

I will be adding a pleated band around the neck and down the sides of the stomacher line to the skirt hem. The stomacher shall have something serpentine on it to continue with the theme of the petticoat.

The plays are fun to costume, because while we try to stay as period as possible, we can have a little more fun with it, and do things in the ‘flavor’ of the era as well! This project has been a really fun one, my first ‘super fancy’ dress. We do so many everyday clothes, its nice to try out my skills on something fit for an heiress.

Another post to come will feature a few pictures of how this outfit was made, and closeups of the finished trim. We will also post Baltus Van Tassel in a month or so, when his father of the heiress outfit is done.

By Mary Johns



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